Shopping Guides and Deals for Black Friday 2023

08 Nov, 2023

Check out the latest deals of 2023 Black Friday at OMOTON and find the best phone stands, laptop stands, tablet stands, and Bluetooth keyboards.

Part 1. 2023 Black Friday Shopping Guides at OMOTON

Welcome to the 2023 Black Friday Shopping Guide at OMOTON, where we will help you find the best deals easily! We know Black Friday deals can be overwhelming, with countless discounts and deals vying for your attention. That’s why we’ve curated these comprehensive guides to help you make the most of this shopping extravaganza.

Whether you're in search of the perfect tech gadgets, the latest products, or much more, our guides will provide you with valuable insights, top picks, and strategies to ensure you get the best deals while enjoying a good shopping experience. Get ready to maximize your savings and discover the best Black Friday deals at OMOTON. Let's do it!

*The discount ends on December 30, 2023. Shop now!

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Best Deals on Phone Stands

Shop Now: OMOTON C2
Before: $22.48 Now*: $17.98
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton c2, omoton best deals, omoton phone stands

With its adjustable viewing angle, offering 270 degrees of rotation, the OMOTON C2 becomes your perfect companion for gaming, streaming videos, video calls, and so much more. Crafted with premium aluminum and anchored by a wide, sturdy base, it delivers unparalleled stability and lasting durability. What truly sets the OMOTON C2 apart is its remarkable compatibility, effortlessly accommodating devices of all sizes, even with phone cases. Plus, its thoughtful design with larger silicone pads protects your device from scratches and ensures it remains slip-free. Every aspect of the OMOTON C2 embodies precision craftsmanship, meticulously engineered using advanced CNC technology for flawless construction. Upgrade your mobile experience today with the OMOTON C2 phone stand.

Shop Now: OMOTON CA06
Before: $18.99 Now*: $15.19
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton ca06, omoton best deals, omoton phone stands

The OMOTON CA06 phone stand is the perfect blend of form and function. With a sturdy metal base, this stand offers stable support, keeping your device securely in place as you work, browse, or stream. Its adjustable height and angle options cater to your comfort and ergonomic needs, ensuring a truly personalized viewing experience. The user-friendly and foldable design adds convenience, allowing you to effortlessly fold it like a card and take it with you wherever you go. But that's not all – the OMOTON CA06 stand boasts an innovative O-shaped cutout design, promoting better airflow. Whether you're at your desk or on the move, the OMOTON CA06 phone stand is ready to enhance your digital lifestyle.

Best Deals on Tablet Stands

Shop Now: OMOTON T2s
Before: $32.91 Now*: $26.33
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton t2s, omoton best deals, omoton tablet stands

The OMOTON T2s tablet stand is your versatile and reliable partner. With a commitment to excellence, this stand offers a range of features that set it apart. The T2s supports a maximum rotation of 180 degrees, allowing you to find that perfect viewing angle for work, play, or relaxation. The smarter design ensures your tablet stays securely in place, even when encased in a protective cover, and it accommodates a wide range of devices, from 4.7 to 12.9 inches. Beyond flexibility, the T2 stands out with a hollowed-out design, which not only enhances stability but also promotes better heat dissipation for your device, keeping it cool even during demanding tasks.

Shop Now: OMOTON T5
Before: $28.99 Now*: $23.19
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton t5, omoton best deals, omoton tablet stands

The OMOTON T5 boasts a wide and weighted base, ensuring your devices stay securely in place. Its dual hinges add an extra dimension to functionality – the upper hinge allows for easy adjustment of the viewing angle, while the lower hinge lets you tailor the height to your preferences. Designed with convenience in mind, the T5 can be quickly collapsed into a compact, space-saving form, making it your ideal travel companion. Moreover, the soft rubber pads on the holder provide a secure grip and protect your devices from scratches, while the base pads offer essential stability, preventing any unwanted sliding or accidents. Compatible with a broad range of devices up to 12.9 inches in size, the OMOTON T5 tablet stand is your reliable choice for a more comfortable and enjoyable tablet experience.

Best Deals on Laptop Stands

Shop Now: OMOTON L2
Before: $41.45 Now*: $33.16
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton l2, omoton best deals, omoton laptop stands

The OMOTON L2 laptop stand is your gateway to improved posture and enhanced comfort. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the L2 elevates your laptop to eye level, reducing the strain on your neck and shoulders and creating a more comfortable workspace. This stand boasts a sturdy and reliable build, with the capacity to support laptops weighing up to 11 lbs (5kg). Soft rubber pads keep your laptop secure and free from scratches. The L2's innovative hollowed-out structure and aluminum body enable better airflow, preventing your laptop from overheating during prolonged use. Upgrade your laptop experience with the OMOTON L2 stand, where comfort meets productivity.

Shop Now: OMOTON LD02 
Before: $37.49 Now*: $29.99
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton ld02, omoton best deals, omoton laptop stands

The OMOTON LD02 laptop stand is your solution to a clutter-free workspace and seamless multitasking. With an enhanced dual docking structure, it is designed to support two laptops simultaneously, accommodating popular models like MacBook, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, and more. Versatile in compatibility, this stand can hold devices with a thickness ranging from 0.55 inches to 1.65 inches, making it suitable for various laptops. Maximum protection is ensured with a non-toxic, non-slip silicone pad that covers the laptop slot, preventing scratches and damage. The stand's non-slip silicone base adds stability and safety, while its durable and reliable construction features scratch-resistant anodized aluminum alloy, offering both durability and stability. The dedicated CNC machining, sandblasting, and polishing provide a smooth surface, enhancing the overall look of your workspace.

Best Deals on Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Shop Now: OMOTON VM01
Before: $39.99 Now*: $31.99
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton vm01, omoton best deals, omoton magnetic phone car mounts

The OMOTON VM01 phone car mount is designed for a perfect driving setup. This innovative car mount employs a Dual-Lock System, featuring a ring of powerful N52 magnets combined with an advanced vacuum suction cup, ensuring a secure and reliable hold for your phone. With DriveSafe's snap-on design, you can effortlessly attach and release your phone, enhancing the convenience of your driving experience. The Quadruple Locking System, composed of a metal hook, silicone pad, rotatable support ring, and adjustment knob, keeps the MagSafe mount firmly secured to your vehicle's vent. Plus, with a 360° ball mount, you can easily adjust your device to the ideal angle for calls, navigation, charging, music playback, and more. This versatile car mount fits most vertical and horizontal air vents while allowing for normal ventilation, ensuring a perfect driving setup.

Best Deals on Bluetooth Keyboard

Shop Now: OMOTON KB505
Before: $28.03 Now*: $22.99
omoton black friday 2023 best deals, omoton kb505, omoton best deals, omoton bluetooth keyboards

The OMOTON KB505 Bluetooth Keyboard is your ultimate solution for on-the-go productivity. This versatile keyboard keeps your workspace organized and travels with you wherever you need to be, whether it is in the office, a coffee shop, or on the road. Elevate your typing experience with the enhanced LED-backlit functionality, featuring a vibrant 7-color LED backlight system that ensures comfortable and enjoyable typing even in low-light conditions. With a built-in 400mAh lithium battery, this keyboard offers lasting power that keeps you productive for days on a single charge. It also simplifies your operations with effective multimedia shortcut keys. These dedicated keys provide quick and easy access to multimedia controls such as volume adjustment, play/pause, and track navigation, enhancing your overall efficiency and convenience.

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*The discount ends on December 30, 2023. Shop now!

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