Remove Glass Screen Protector from your iPhone or iPad

Need to remove your glass screen protector but don't know how? Check out this quick and easy guide on how to remove a glass screen protector ...

How to Remove Glass Screen Protector from your iPhone or iPad

How to Remove Glass Screen Protector from your iPhone or iPad

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Imagine this: you’re using your iPhone or iPad—maybe you’re distracted—and you accidentally drop it on the ground. But, lucky for you, you have a tempered glass screen protector. You read our article on the different options available and chose the one that offers the most protection. So you think you’re in the clear.



But nothing—not even a tempered glass screen protector—is truly invulnerable. Everything has an Achilles Heel, and your phone and protector absorbed impact in its most vulnerable spot. You scoop it up off the ground like a fallen baby bird and cradle it in your hand only to discover that your worst fears are actualized and the screen protector you put so much trust in has finally broken.

But don’t worry. Don’t panic. This is way more preferable to having the actual screen on your phone broken. So things could be worse. But, still, it’s important to get the screen protector off as soon as possible. Who knows what damage the broken glass can do to your iPhone or iPad with its sharp edges and shards sticking out in errant directions.

So consider this an emergency procedure. Just make sure you have steady hands. And, if you’re wondering how to remove a screen protector, you came to the right place. This is kind of our wheelhouse, so you’re in good hands. Whether you’re dealing with a broken protector or simply replacing it, we’ve got you. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

How to remove a glass screen protector from your iPhone 12 or iPad Pro

Step 1: Turn off your device

The first step is simple and often ignored when people explain how to remove a tempered glass screen protector. But it’s still important to include. And, if you want our honest opinion, such circumspection is too often abandoned with these kinds of things.

Just make sure you turn off your iPhone 12 or iPad Pro before proceeding. While there’s not exactly a high likelihood that having it on will have any truly devastating consequences, it’s still advisable because you simply never know.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

Now, before beginning, it’s important that you have all the right supplies and materials. Doing this makes the process simply go smoother, and this is an opportunity to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done. What you’ll need to remove your tempered glass screen protector is:

· A toothpick (your fingernail will do if you don’t have a toothpick)
· A credit card OR a business card
· A hairdryer (not essential)
· Duct tape (not essential)
· Alcohol wipes and a microfiber cloth (not essential)

Once you have everything together, have them laid out nearby and readily available so this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 3: Start with a corner

Now’s when the magic happens. Start with a corner of your iPhone 12 or iPad Pro. It doesn’t matter where you start. Use your fingernail or a toothpick to carefully peel the corner of the protector off of the screen. Only lift the protector in the corner enough to slide a card beneath it.

OMOTON Hack : When having problems inserting the toothpick beneath the protector, use a hair dryer to heat up the surface. This will loosen the adhesive and make it easier. Just don’t go overboard—it doesn’t take much heat at all.

Step 4: Card swipe

If you’re getting nervous, just imagine you’re out shopping and running your card for this next part. Simply insert a business card or credit card beneath the screen protector so it nears the center of your iPhone 12 or iPad Pro. Then slide it around the entire perimeter of the device until you’ve done a full revolution and the card is underneath the exact same corner it started it.

OMOTON Hack : Doing a second revolution just to be sure is advisable. Some people don’t have the, uh, patience for this kind of redundancy measure, but we think well worth the extra few seconds it takes.

Step 5: Slowly remove the protector

At the beginning, you were probably wondering how to remove a tempered glass screen protector, and just know that this is the culmination of everything you’ve learned!

While the card is still inserted, slide it all the way across under the entire breadth of your iPhone 12. While you do this, peel the protector away simultaneously (and carefully). Do it as slowly as possible and don’t apply too much pressure. You don’t want to unintentionally damage your phone by further damaging or breaking your screen protector.

OMOTON Hack: Particularly for the iPad Pro, if you’re having problems and your protector isn’t broken, attach a piece of duct tape to the protector and use it to slowly peel it off your screen!

Step 6: Wipe it as clean as this new clean slate for your phone screen

Now that you’ve successfully removed the protector, just put it aside. Use your alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth to clean and dry the screen. This is particularly great if you never make the time to do this anyway. But, even better, a clean screen will make it easier to apply your next protector!

Now that you know how to remove a glass screen protector from your iPhone 12 or iPad…

Now that you know exactly how to remove the screen protector, don’t let your screen go unprotected for long. Whether it was an emergency or an upgrade is irrelevant. Ideally, you’d have a protector on retainer before taking it off. The only thing you need to consider is what screen protector you want next!

So, from us at OMOTON to you, we hope you were able to remove your screen protector with minimal to no issues. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask! We want to keep your phone secure. But, more importantly, we understand that every now and again you need a change.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

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