How long does a smartphone last? (And what to do to extend their lives)

18 May, 2021

All good things come to an end. Whether it’s a relationship, career, or—yes—even your beloved phone, time is a finite thing. For some, the thought of losing their phone prematurely makes them want to find an imperishable device. However, finding a long-lasting smartphone brand is no easy task.

And when your phone is your lifeline to the world—when your phone is a surrogate for your very soul—anything short of immortality can (and should) feel unacceptable. However, lucky for you, we’ve done the dirty work for you. So save yourself some time and stop searching, How long do smartphones last? on Reddit.

Because we know your phone is like your home—it’s like your car—you want to know every detail before making a purchase. Especially when your phone is, at this point, as necessary as your home or car. We’re your go-to source because we’ve used it all before. We know the ins and outs of each device. In other words, we’re authorities.

Whether you want to know how long you should use your phone a day or whatever else, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, we’re here to answer the age-old question: How long do flagship phones last? More importantly, however, we’re here to inch your device a little closer to immortality.

In a country where 97% of people own a smartphone, this isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity—like food, water, and shelter (and, no, this isn’t histrionics). So let’s get into it, shall we?

How long do iPhones last?

As one of the most popular brands, you’d think that iPhones would have the longest lifespan amongst smartphones. However, it’s important to understand something about iPhones:

According to LifeLine, approximately 1/3 of iPhones get broken each year. This is a staggering number. When asking, How long do iPhones last? This is a firm reminder that, in the blink of an eye, an era can end.

However, there is some good news:

Generally speaking, when answering the question: How long do flagship phones last? The answer is 2 to 3 years. The iPhone, on average, lasts 3 years. There’s reason to be optimistic.

Apple even insists their phones can last up to 5 years. And, while this is true (my phone is living proof), it’s important to understand these things are circumstantial. It depends on conditions and, honestly, luck. But what doesn’t?

How long does a Samsung phone last?

There are always new devices entering the ring—sometimes it feels like a scheduled pay-per-view contest, and other times, it feels like a wrestler ambushing the stage and blindsiding everyone. However, in the instance of iPhone vs. Samsung, it’s more the former.

So, how long does a Samsung phone last?

The truth is that, while it does have redeeming qualities, a Samsung phone is simply not your solution for finding a device with the longest lifespan among smartphones.

But it’s not all doom and gloom—on average, the Samsung lasts between 2 to 3 years, barely keeping pace with the iPhone. However, again, under the right circumstances and with the right care, it can exceed this.

It’s important to know a little bit more about Samsung devices. According to a study conducted by Blancco, Samsung phones have the highest failure rates at 34%. The second closest was Xiaomi phones at 13%. From there, it descends exponentially.

So, how long will your Samsung last?

Who knows? But if you like risk, the Samsung might be just the phone for you! Imagine the rush of adrenaline every time you try to turn your phone off, wondering if it’s on the brink of failure.

How long do Huawei phones last?

When looking for a long-lasting smartphone brand, Huawei won’t dazzle you. And, more importantly, it likely won’t top your list. Which, to be honest, is probably for the best. In fact, it’s estimated Huawei phones last a maximum of 2 years. (i.e. the minimum for other brands).

Talk about lowering the bar.

But, really, when asked, How long do Huawei phones last? There are plenty of other variables to consider. It depends on what you prioritize and value. Do you value camera quality, charging speed, and affordability?

If so, then this brand will likely be enough to keep you happy. Just be aware replacing it will come sooner rather than later.

More concerning, according to multiple sources, is the battery. It falls off a cliff. Eventually, once the battery gets as low as 50%, the entire phone shuts down. Your screen even starts getting spotty. These aren’t things you should tolerate. We know we wouldn’t.

What impacts your phone’s life?

Your phone’s lifespan is like your lifespan. There’s not just one thing that affects it. Everything you expose yourself to eventually plays a role. It’s important to take good care of your device. Not doing so is analogous with neglecting yourself. And we know you wouldn’t want to do that.

However, instead of looking up how long do smartphones last on Reddit, look no further. On average, a phone lasts 2 to 3 years. There are always aberrations, and some brands are better than others, but this is the safest estimate to abide by.

Now, there are a number of factors that impact your phone’s life. For example, if it’s dropped or incurs heavy impact, that can be detrimental. If your screen is cracked and you don’t get it repaired, you’re just asking for trouble. If you leave your phone in extreme temperatures, your phone will be begging for relief.

However, there are other culprits. For example, water is a leading cause of damage. And, ultimately, your battery life plays the biggest role. Like the heart of your device, once your battery starts going, it’s a slow and painful descent toward death. Even more alarming, replacing batteries is impossible with some devices.

What can you do to extend their lives?

There are many different ways to extend the life of your phone. For example, ask yourself how long you should use your phone a day. Be realistic—how often do you need to be on it, and what can you do to relieve some of the stress you put on it (e.g. alternating between devices)?

Wear-and-tear takes a toll. Also, practice good charging methods. Don’t charge all night. Top your phone up with partial charges. Avoiding full cycle (i.e. 0% or 100%) is imperative for elongated battery life. Ultimately, good battery life is the locus of long, healthy phone life.

But, more importantly, at OMOTON, we offer the gift of immortality. Our tempered glass screen protectors will preserve your device, absorbing and shielding it from impact and accidents.
Waterproof cases in conjunction with screen protectors will provide comprehensive protection.

Even using a stand when you’re working with your phone will help. It’s like a football player’s brain: each hit adds up. Even if you don’t realize it. Each time you distractedly drop your phone because you’re talking and working eventually culminates. So using a stand will prevent accidents, particularly when multitasking and accidents are seemingly unavoidable.

Avoid extreme temperatures. When your device is damaged, take it to get repaired ASAP or the damage could become irremediable and you’ll have to get an entirely new device. Just as importantly, close apps and programs you’re not actively using and keep your OS updated.

If your phone has a replaceable battery, replace it. Try to use the original charger with your device as long as you can. These measures don’t seem like much—like eating a salad every day—but, in the long run, you and your device will both be happy you made the effort.

So, how long does a smartphone last and how can you extend its life?

These are two complicated questions that are fully hinged on you. Your lifestyle and habits will dictate the lifespan of your phone, whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or whatever.
Ultimately, being a mindful and attentive owner is your most essential course of action.

However, using an OMOTON screen protector and an OMOTON phone stand will also work wonders in preventing disasters. Because disasters are too often accidental. And we know firsthand how disruptive a broken phone is.

It’s not just your screen that glitches—it’s a glitch in your whole life!

So there you have it. A comprehensive guide to how long your phone will last, what affects your phone’s lifespan, and the measures you can take to elongate its lifespan. Ultimately, you should rest easy knowing two things:

1.These things are in your hands.
2.And, with us, you’re in good hands

So, by the transitive property (i.e. if a=b and b=c, then a=c), with OMOTON, your device is in good hands too. We’re gifting it as close to immortality as you can come.

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