The 7 BEST Phone Stands for Every Situation in Your Life (And We Mean Every)

25 Mar, 2021

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In a world that changes every second, phone stands often feel like relics. It can feel like they’re impractical. And, more than anything, it can feel like their days in the modern world, and especially the future, are numbered. However, what you don’t know is these prejudices say more about you than phone stands.

Because, the truth is, while you’ve been harboring these outdated notions of what a phone stand can be, phone stand manufacturers have been putting in work. They’ve been innovating. They understand you don’t want another mobile phone stand for your desk to anchor you in place. You want more. You want freedom.

And, more than anything, they understand that, in the modern world, things can’t be static. There’s barely time to sleep, let alone stand still. And they’ve adjusted accordingly. It doesn’t matter what you do, there’s a stand for it. Do you want a phone tripod stand? Easy. Do you want phone stands for recording? How about a real challenge, huh?

Rest assured that, for your success and any situation you might find yourself in, there’s a phone stand that offers critical support. We live in a world where our tools define us. And, when it’s time for them to do the talking, you want to make sure they have something to say.

So, whether you want a phone stand for bed or even your couch, there’s something out there for everyone. And, lucky for you, this is kind of our thing. So sit back, relax, and imagine unfathomable convenience these stands can usher into your life.

The 7 Best Phone Stands for any Situation in Your Life

1. A phone stand for your desk The OMOTON C2 Desktop Stand

So much more than just another mobile phone stand for your desk, this beautifully crafted desk holder is just what you need to maximize your success. Seriously. Just like you need a stand to accommodate every situation. You need angles that do the same thing.

With 270 degrees of adjustability, this phone works with you. No matter the task. No matter what’s asked of it. There’s nothing that supports your success like this adaptable, versatile phone holder. Whether used as a phone stand for videos or work, it’s more than capable.

Even better, this stand is guaranteed to keep your phone safe. Fashioned out of aluminum alloy, it’s durable and scratch-resistant. And, with its wide base, its stability is simply unrivaled. And, for your peace of mind, its anti-scratch and anti-skid silicone pads offer unmated security.

With OMOTON, there’s no question: you’re always in good hands.

2. A phone tripod stand while playing golf: The SelfieGOLF Swing Recorder

If you’re an avid golfer, you probably spend a considerable amount of time perfecting your swing. And, just like anything, it doesn’t hurt to have tape to critique and improve on. By just clipping this stand to your golf bag, you can take your game to the next level.

Truly one of the best phone stands for recording, especially golf, this is the best way to dedicate yourself like the pros. Easy to set up, sturdy, and stable, there are few better options available to you than this one.

Collapsible and easily portable, this stand works with any bag and on any turf (even concrete). And you can record in a wide variety of ways, from low angles to putting to having a full frame of your form. It works great as a phone holder for your hand too.

If you want to be great, you need great habits. And there’s no better start than right here.

3. A phone stand for your bed, bath, kitchen, or whatever: Tyrone wall phone holder

One of the most versatile phone holders available, this phone stand is perfect for the office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your workspace. Sturdily made from aluminum alloy material, its soft rubber cushions and upgraded adhesive offer further protection.

As durable as it is practical, this phone stand for videos can be easily mounted on any wall with a smooth surface, like wallpaper, tiles, lime wall, glass, and even wood. And it doesn’t discriminate. With universal compatibility, this phone stand can accommodate any device.

Whether you need a phone stand for your desk or bed, you can’t go wrong here. This is what you should demand from your devices and your tools. You should demand cooperation, not subjugation. Because, too often, we accept the latter.

4. Phone stand for when you’re in the shower: BUNKERWALL 17 shower holder

Now, this is the kind of phone stand for real tech-junkies. For those who can’t stand to go a single second without interfacing with a screen. And, if that’s you, don’t worry. Because that’s pretty much all of us. It’s simply a fact of living these days.

And, for those who like to multitask, this 17 pocket curtain liner should do the trick. Because, well, it holds 17 devices and keeps dry them while you bathe yourself. Plus, our best ideas often come in the shower. And it is a shame they disappear with the steam on your mirror.

100% waterproof, these pockets can hold anything from a tablet to a baby monitor. We don’t need to tell you, the world doesn’t stop just because you do. So a second wasted is intolerable. Though, admittedly, this would be perfect for watching Netflix, too.

Whatever you use it for, use it responsibly. And try not to leave the shower too pruny.

5. A phone stand for changing diapers: Diapertainment

Now, when changing diapers, the last thing you need is a phone you have to hold. And a phone holder for your hand will simply not cut it, either. You need something special. And, truth be told, Diapertainment’s got you covered here.

Now, when you’re wiping and whatever, a baby that’s uncooperative can make things, well, messier than you need them. And I’ll spare you the details because, if you need one of these, you already know what I’m talking about.

Simply mount it on the wall by the changing station and distract your baby with videos or FaceTime calls. Sturdy, durable, and easy install, let’s be honest: those are three words every parent wants to hear when considering baby accessories.

It’s about time diaper-changing was innovated. And here we were thinking the diaper industry sh*t the bed.

6. A phone stand for riding your bike: Roam universal co-pilot

I think it’s important we get ahead of things here. If you decide to use a phone stand while riding your bike, pay attention to the road. If texting and driving is disastrous, imagine what texting and biking can result in.

Regardless, with a stand that clamps securely to your bike frame and a dock that cradles your phone and refuses to relinquish it, your device is in good hands. And, depending on what you prefer, you can even rotate it 360 degrees for both portrait and landscape modes.

The dock has a silicone net to hold your phone in place. And it has universal compatibility. So I guess biking just got fun. Though I guess this means you never have an excuse to not respond to messages. But things have been trending this way for a while.

Just be careful. Please, please, please be careful!

7. Phone stand for when you’re in the gym: The Gym Buddy magnetic mount

If you’re in the gym a lot and find yourself missing out on conversations, missing phone calls, or needing a healthy dose of Netflix to distract yourself while your core is ravaged by your planking, this phone is just for you.

With silicone padding to protect your phone and 360-degree rotation to adjust viewing angles, this is the best way to forget about the torture you’re imposing on yourself. It comes with metal plates. Attach one to your phone, and it’ll magnetically attach to the holder.

So it’s easy to use, which is good because the gym is hard enough as it is. Perfect for recording your form, or simply posting videos to Instagram or Facebook to (quite literally) flex, there’s no better gym buddy than a Gym Buddy accessory.

So what are you waiting for? Those gains aren’t gonna gain themselves.

Now that you know the best phone stands for every situation…

...get one already! You’re only as good as the tools that support you. So make sure you have the best possible support. There’s no express lane to success. But, with phone stands like these, there are shortcuts. And that’s all we really need.

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