Crazy broken smartphone statistics (that should remind you to get a screen protector!)

20 Apr, 2021

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A cracked phone screen is more than an inconvenience. It impedes productivity, and it’s ultimately a disservice to your success. However, if you have cracked screen shame, don’t worry! If there’s one thing statistics are good for, it’s showing us we’re not alone in anything.

Everyone drops their phone. No one is immune to mistakes or accidents. If it’s happened to you, it’s happened to someone else. And, more importantly, it’ll happen again to someone else. There’s a secret comfort in folly.

Now, there are some questions you might have. Like, first of all, can a phone screen crack by itself? What are hazards associated with using a cracked screen? Does a cracked screen affect your phone? These are questions we’ll mostly save for another time.

Right now we’re just interested in the cold hard facts that make us feel a little less alone in this cold hard world. And, more importantly, we’re here to demonstrate why you can’t afford to go any longer without the premier screen protector on the market:

The OMOTON tempered glass screen protector.

 So let’s get into it, shall we? Here are the craziest cracked phone screen statistics to show you what we’re talking about.

The craziest broken phone statistics (and the most convincing reasons to get a tempered glass screen protector)!

How many phone screens break a year?

When you consider how ubiquitous smartphones are—when you consider that these devices have become as inalienable from people as their own appendages—it should come as no surprise that these things break a lot.

People even break limbs and they’re attached to our bodies. So to answer the most urgent question, How many phone screens break a year?:

The answer is a staggering 5,761 screens crack every hour. And, even more mind-boggling, it’s estimated that over 50 million phone screens every year. This means there are two newly cracked screens every second. Which, you know, really puts things in perspective.

However, just as important as how many in this situation is why. Because most folks will discover that they unknowingly put their phone in harm’s way every day. Which is, in our humble (but still expert) opinion, nothing short of negligence.

It should come as no surprise that drops are the primary cause of smartphone screen damage in the US. It’s estimated that drops account for damage to 95 million smartphones each year, which adds up to being approximately $29.8 billion in electronic devices.

And phones incur more damage than just a cracked screen when they drop. Other common symptoms or consequences include:

  • Chips in the corners
  • Chips in the sides
  • Cracked backs
  • Uncooperative touch screens
  • Malfunctioning (and obsolescing) batteries

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty. What are the threats our phones are facing? The answer is, well, us. We’re the threat. 74% of Americans damage their devices by dropping them on the ground, with 49% of drops occurring from falling out of pockets. But, as they say, these things happen.

But you’re forgetting electronics’ kryptonite! 39% of damage to screens is caused by dropping their precious handheld oracle in water. 8% of users spill liquid on their device. And, trigger warning, an ignoble 26% damage phones by dropping them in the toilet!

For the record, we’ve done it, too.

More alarmingly, 15% of people break their phone by dropping it off their lap. You probably had no idea how hazardous your pocket or lap was. Neither did we. Though, in lighter news, this settles the age-old dispute: Can a phone screen crack by itself?

The answer is simply: Yes, it can. Though you should maybe reevaluate your browsing habits if it’s making your devices suicidal. Food for thought.

On average, the interim between purchasing your phone and breaking it is approximately 10 weeks. And the truth is that 45% of smartphone owners accidentally damage devices. However, with OMOTON’s tempered glass screen protector, you can be the exception to the rule.

Evolution just requires one change. And, now, you can be that change.

How many people get their screens repaired?

This question is a little complicated because, well, humans are a little complicated (and we both know that’s putting it kindly). The problem is that instead of taking action, people just try to manage the severity of their issue.

What we mean is this:

More often than not, when someone cracks their screen, they ask themselves, Will a cracked phone screen get worst? They don’t ask where the nearest repair shop is. In fact, broken phone statistics back this up.

38% of smartphone owners with broken screens don’t replace them. Even more alarming, 65% have admitted to delaying repairs because of the cost. People simply don’t anticipate the maintenance involved in buying a $1,000 device. But what choice do you have?

Because, to answer your question, Will a cracked phone screen get worst? It definitely isn’t going to get better. And, in nearly all situations, it worsens over time. In fact, deferring that repair payment now could simply increase what you’ll have to pay down the road.

After all, buying a brand new device is a lot more expensive than taking it to the shop.

Because, just like people wonder if a cracked screen gets worst, people also wonder, Does a cracked screen affect your phone? And the answer is yes. And, more importantly, it ain’t pretty. A cracked screen is a slow and painful death for your device akin to cancer.

And, for all those people upset about how unfair it is, you’re right. That’s the world we live in. In fact, each year new phone screens cost users $3.4 billion. This exceeds the entire GDP of South Sudan. It should be no surprise that the reason can be deduced to the almighty dollar.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Getting OMOTON’s tempered glass screen protector can be just the advantage you need to beat the system. And believe us: we’re rooting for you.  When you win, we all win.

Because if statistics reveal anything, it’s that we’re all in this together.

What’s the best cell phone case for drop protection?

This isn’t easy to answer. There are a few key things we have to address when asking, What’s the best cell phone case for drop protection?

Firstly, it’s important to be totally transparent. No case can guarantee total protection. And, in fact, 27% of all Americans damage their phone while it’s still in the case. So a case isn’t the end-all-be-all solution. And there a few reasons.

 Not all cases are created equally. Quality vacillates wildly from product to product. And, in some cases (see what I did there?), phone cases don’t even come with screen guards. The best recommendation we can make is a tempered glass screen guard.

Comprehensive protection is a must. In fact, your best bet is to use different accessories in conjunction. Using a high-quality tempered glass screen guard with a durable, shock absorbent case is an absolute must. It’s the only way to get the protection you and your device deserve!

Ultimately, this comes down to you and what you’re willing to do. You can look up cracked phone screen statistics all day and convince yourself that you’re in the clear, but being proactive and doing your due diligence is the only true protection for your cherished device.

Now that you know the craziest broken smartphone screen statistics...

Protect your device! Accidents happen all the time, and the only way to be prepared is to prepare yesterday. However, it’s not always easy finding the premier protection. But, luckily, we can help. The best cell phone case for drop protection simply isn’t enough.

Not just because it doesn’t offer enough security. But because of what a cracked screen means. Compromising your screen should be unacceptable. Your best bet is to get a high-quality case with an additional OMOTON screen protector to provide the security your device deserves.

So what are you waiting for? Every unprotected second is literally life-or-death for your phone. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. So stay safe out there. And, if there’s anything this article should show you, it’s that there truly is safety in numbers.



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Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown

I have also dropped my phone on the screen 6 times and all I have is one crack by the top.

I have also dropped my phone on the screen 6 times and all I have is one crack by the top.