7 risks of using a cracked phone screen (and why you NEED an OMOTON screen protector)

20 Apr, 2021

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If you’re dealing with a cracked phone screen, it might seem like more an inconvenience than anything else. However, it’s important to know you’re dealing with something far more significant. In fact, a cracked phone screen is hazardous to your health!

More dangerous than simply being the slowest in the group chat or not being able to order food quickly enough to your house, a cracked phone screen actually poses a far greater risk than you might expect.

 Some people might see their phone screen and think, Can I still use my phone if the screen is cracked? Think about it this way: You don’t just live with a gas leak. You don’t just coexist with mold in your home. So why would you still use a cracked device?

So to answer the question: Is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen? Simply put—no, it’s not. And, like with any hazard, dealing with it promptly before any significant and irreversible damage is done is essential.

So how does a cracked screen affect your phone? Well, if you want our expert opinion, you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking how it affects you.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

7 major hazards of using a cracked phone screen!: 

1. Radiation exposure

If you’re neurotic like us, you were probably wondering, Do cracked cell phones leak radiation? And, if you are, we have good and bad news.

We’ll start with the bad. The bad news is the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the American Cancer Society have both stated cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” however, it’s still inconclusive.

What’s worth knowing is phones do in fact emit harmful radiation. It’s just not clear to what extent it affects humans. However, if a screen’s cracked, there’s a greater risk for users. The radiation source is fully exposed.

In fact, it’s commonly accepted smartphones leak radiation, but it’s not until the screen is cracked that harmful amounts are released. So, basically, in a world that seems to radiate you every time you turn a corner, why give it an advantage?

2. Glass shards

It’s important to acknowledge that there’s far more about a cracked phone screen that’s hazardous than radiation. The risks aren’t all imperceptible beams and rays. In fact, some of the risks are more brick-and-mortar.

When your phone screen cracks, remember that your screen is made of glass. This means it splinters, and shards can protrude. What can result is, well, cutting. A very real hazard of using a cracked screen is cutting yourself.

Imagine how you usually use your phone—you’re not just mashing buttons. You’re a magician—you’re a conductor—you’re an artist. You move your fingers in fluid configurations. They glide across the screen.

However, if your screen has severe cracks, it’s common for protruding splinters to cut your fingers or even get lodged in. Your artistry will revert to 20st century button-mashing just to avoid getting hurt. And let’s be honest:

No one wants that. Half of getting a phone is to put yourself ahead of that.

3. Overexerting your eyes 

For those wondering, Will a cracked phone screen get worst? The answer’s easy: It sure as heck isn’t going to get better. All joking aside, once a phone screen cracks, that’s just the beginning.

In fact, anyone who’s had a cracked phone screen knows it’s like cancer—the cracks metastasize, and before you know it, a singular crack has become a web of inconvenience across the entirety of your display. And this is no laughing matter.

For those wondering, Can I still use my phone if the screen is cracked? What’s the worst that can happen? Just know that it has serious consequences on your eyes. It’s no secret that smartphone displays provide a great viewing experience.

However, when the HD screen breaks, it requires you to strain your eyes just to view the displayed content. This has two severe consequences:

  1.     It can damage your eyes.
  2.     It’ll be harder to read texts and Memes.

 We know you’re lamenting the 2nd one most. We get it.

4. A driving hazard

Nowadays, phones are so much more than just phones. They’re mailboxes. They’re TVs. They’re educational tools. They’re lifelines. And, in some ways, they’re a guiding star. And, if you have a cracked screen and use your phone for direction, you’re in trouble.

Because when asking, Does a cracked screen affect your phone? What’s more important is does it affect you. Imagine trying to decipher instructions while you’re behind the wheel. You might as well be drunk.

And, if where you’re going is important, then this could put you behind schedule. Imagine showing up to that important meeting—or maybe that once-in-a-lifetime job interview—and you’re late just because you couldn’t read your phone display.

Having a cracked phone is a road hazard. It’s dangerous for you and others on the road, and more importantly, it can compromise your success. And on long drives when you need a simple YouTube video of cats doing cat things to persevere, you won’t even be able to enjoy that.

 I know, I know—that’s the real tragedy here. 

5. Ghost touch

 There are two kinds of people in this world: those who remember butt dialing and how often our phones used to assume autonomy, and those who are simply too young to really understand what that was like.

Either way—ghost touch is annoying, and it can have consequences.

This might even blow some minds, but for those young whipper-snappers wondering can a phone screen crack by itself, they might be utterly floored knowing they used to operate themselves in your pocket, too. 

Ghost touch is a phenomenon that occurs after your screen is cracked. Basically, because of the damage incurred from the crack, your screen’s touch sensitivity is out of whack. This causes your phone to start operating itself like you were touching it.

So what’s this mean? This can mean your phone sends a text you don’t want it to. This can mean it calls someone and they overhear you and your BFF talking about them. It can mean a whole lot. But it’s a whole lot easier to avoid it altogether.

6. Exposed inner-machinations

It is easy to make a cracked screen all about you. For example, if someone asks:

Is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen?

The question that’s important to ask is are they talking about their safety or their phone’s safety? In most cases, it’s the former. But think about what a cracked screen means for your device. It’s like having your rib cage removed and your lungs exposed.

Even considering how a cracked back affects your phone yields the same answers: the exterior and screen provide crucial protection from outside elements to the inner parts of your device. Otherwise, things can seep through easily and your phone can short circuit.

Just like that—in a flash—it’s gone. Whether it’s a few droplets of water, or maybe some dust particles, a cracked screen renders your device completely vulnerable.

7. Malfunctioning and decreased usability

This question seems simple but is actually complicated:

Will a cracked phone screen get worst?

On the surface level—yes. A cracked phone screen gets worst. Cracks spread. Eventually, you’re piecing text messages and TikTok together through the fragments illuminated fragments. But that’s not all.

Because, more than impaired display, functionality is also significantly affected. The touch screen becomes unworkable and intractable, and if not, its response is delayed. And, the longer it’s cracked, the fewer commands you’ll be able to use.

Eventually, you’ll just have to get by without using the volume button, for example. But let’s be honest: no one can afford to just get by like that these days.

Now that you know the 7 most dangerous hazards of a cracked phone screen…

Get a screen protector already! There’s truly no screen guard that offers the security and affordability OMOTON screen protectors do.

Even if you accept the fact that a phone screen can crack by itself, this just makes it all the more important to have a screen protector! If it can crack so easily on its own, imagine what a single accident can do to your precious device?

We’re confident we’ve supplied you with a comprehensive list of all risks a cracked screen exposes you and your device to. From, Do cracked cell phones leak radiation? And beyond, we’ve left no stone unturned.

So get a screen guard already. You wouldn’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet. And, in a world that accelerates more each day, that’s exactly what not getting a protector for your device is like.

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