How to clean your mobile phone or tablet touch screen without damaging it

23 Mar, 2022

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We use our phones every minute of every day. Ultimately, this frequency of use requires exposing our devices to the elements, and more insidiously, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Still, we often forget the petri dish of bacteria our devices can become.

Most phones harbor 25,127 bacteria per square inch. It just takes one of these sneaky germs to sneak their way through your immune system to wreak havoc. This is why cleaning your phone is essential to your health. However, it can be hard to identify the best cleaning methods.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to and devised the definitive guide to cleaning your device. So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

4 ways to disinfect your phone, tablet, or screen protector

1. Use a screen protector

It may seem like a strange solution, but one of the best tablet screen cleaners or phone screen cleaners entails taking a simple preventative measure.

When considering how to clean your tablet screen or phone screen, using a protector goes a long way in keeping it clean. These appliances protect your phone from more than impact, and this is why it’s crucial to never leave your phone unprotected.

However, it’s still imperative to learn how to clean the phone screen protector with hand sanitizer. The fact is if you use a screen protector, you are employing a vital line of defense against germs and bacteria, but that just means they populate the screen guard instead.

Learning how to clean a mobile screen guard is crucial if you use it to keep your phone screen clean. Spray hand sanitizer on a microfiber cloth, and you can easily clean your entire screen protector and even your phone screen without damaging it.

Even better, this is how to clean your smartphone speaker without damaging it, too. Still, be gentle when cleaning. One of the biggest advantages of using a screen protector is they are easy to apply, last for months or even years, and they’re supremely cost-effective.

Plus, high-quality protectors, like OMOTON screen protectors, don’t require you to compromise any touchscreen sensitivity while also providing unparalleled protection and shock absorption.

2. Use alcohol-free sanitizers

While it’s important to learn how to clean your phone screen with hand sanitizer, it’s more important to understand what kind of hand sanitizer you should use to preserve your health.

When considering how to clean your mobile phone touch screen or tablet screen, there are two general rules of thumb to abide by. Firstly, alcohol-free hand sanitizers are ideal for pretty much all exposed screens. Just ensure they’re effective at eradicating both viruses and bacteria.

Secondly, avoid using common household cleaners. Though it’s worth saying, for those who pride themselves on being resourceful and want to learn how to clean their phone screen with toothpaste or other common household products, all hope is not lost.

Still, that’s another topic for another day.

One of the biggest benefits of using hand sanitizers and one of the reasons it’s a leading solution when considering how to clean your tablet screen or even how to clean your mobile screen guard is that sanitizers continue to work long after application.

Many hand sanitizers work for many hours after they are applied. Ultimately, this is a testament to their efficacy. When we let our guard down, hand sanitizers start working overtime. This is the kind of solution you want in your corner.

Moreover, alcohol-free sanitizer offers unrivaled convenience as the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to keep your phone or tablet virus and bacteria-free.

phone cleanning

 3. Wash with soap

For those who want to know how to clean their phone screens with other common household products, here is a great technique.

Another excellent method of cleaning your phone is the same way you would clean your hands. Which makes sense. After all, cleaning your phone is largely eliminating the same bacteria and viruses that you transmit from those filthy paws of yours (we’re joking of course).

Using soap is especially one of the best solutions when considering how to clean your phone protector. More importantly, since most phones these days are waterproof, a warm, soapy water concoction is essential when considering how to clean your smartphone speaker, too.

This is, essentially, a spa treatment for your phone. Or maybe it’s more of a sponge bath. This comes down to whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Regardless, while this is an effective way of cleaning your phone, and while this solution can ultimately be categorized in the upper-echelon as one of the best tablet screen cleaners and phone screen cleaners, its major flaw is that it’s not particularly convenient or efficient.

Not only does it require time and supplies, but it also is difficult to apply this solution when you are away from home and out and about, like when you’re commuting, for example. Still, at this point, our phones are extensions of ourselves.

They’re pretty much an added appendage. So, it only makes sense we would wash them the same way we wash other appendages.

4. UV light

Another excellent method for cleaning your phone may seem unorthodox (or like science fiction) to some, but it’s effective nonetheless.

More importantly, for you, it’s an easier process that requires minimal mess. Exploiting the power of ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect your phone screen, tablet screen, or screen protector is an unequivocal cleaning solution. However, it’s important to know how UV light works.

Essentially, UV light bombards and damages viruses and bacteria. By impacting the nucleic acid, UV light eliminates the chances of viruses and bacteria infecting you by inhibiting their ability to replicate and impeding and breaking down their normal cellular function.

Still, calibrating how close you need the light and the duration of treatment will depend on your phone and your needs. Generally speaking, leaving your phone in an enclosed UV light-charged space for 10 minutes should get the job done.

Ultimately, UV light is best applied as a supplemental treatment for other disinfection methods. It is, admittedly, less effective than wipes and sanitizers, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least acknowledge it as a potential solution. It’s good to at least have in your arsenal.

How often should you clean your phone screen, tablet screen, or screen protector?

Now that you know the leading solutions for cleaning your phone and keeping it clean, it’s important to understand how often you should clean it.

This kind of regimentation is crucial to maintaining a pristine phone screen or screen protector that won’t transmit hazardous viruses or bacteria to you. Experts generally agree on one thing: we aren’t cleaning our phones and tablets nearly as much as we should be cleaning them.

Ideally, you would clean your phone or tablet daily. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but just using a microfiber cloth and sanitizer is supremely beneficial and will go a long way in ensuring your phone is impeccable and in tip-top shape.

This is for a few reasons. Firstly, throughout the day, we use our phones all the time. This means we expose them to grime and dirt, which inevitably accumulates each time we pull out our devices and start touching the screens.

If this dust, dirt, or grime gets into your phone, it can cause severe damage and wreak havoc on your device’s functionality. However, there are undoubtedly still people who oppose daily cleaning, and if you’re willing to roll the dice, clean your phone at least twice a week.

Though it’s worth noting, in colder seasons, you can get away with cleaning your phone less frequently. Still, simply wiping off your phone after each commute takes a few seconds and is more than enough to preserve your health and your phone’s health!

clean phone

Now that you know how to clean your phone screen, tablet screen, and screen guard…

What are you waiting for? Cleaning your phone regularly should be considered standard maintenance. No matter what method you employ, one thing is for sure: you are establishing an impenetrable defense against viruses and bacteria.

Anything less than cleaning with these methods is a disservice to your health, and it’s essential to remember how frequently you should be cleaning your device or protector. Moreover, for the best protectors available, OMOTON offers a range of unequaled screen guards.

Cost-effective, downright effective, and easy to apply, there are no better protectors on the market that offer this critical defense while maximizing touchscreen sensitivity and response. For us, the answer is simple. We’re sure it is for you, too.

OMOTON screen guards give you an advantage others don’t.

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