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08 Jun, 2022

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Millions of years of evolution went into creating the fingers you are using right now to grab, swipe, and scroll on your phone screen. And yet, the smartphone has only existed for maybe 25 years. So although those hands of yours are extremely useful, you only have two of them, which can make using your mobile device hard if you are otherwise engaged in driving, exercising, cooking, eating, or even relaxing on your bed.

Therefore, for those who use their smartphone everyday (which are most of us), choosing the right cellphone stand for the many everyday situations we find ourselves in, from biking to sleeping, is essential. But no matter the circumstances, you are going to want something that will hold as tight as your hand, and won’t allow your phone to slip and break- which means you need to pay special attention to material and usage.

So even though there are a variety of options out there, we are going to break it down to make it as easy as possible for you to make the right choice based on your circumstances, needs, and budget.

Cellphone Stands for On-The-Go

One of the most popular reasons we require a phone stand is for fitness and exercise, i.e., activities in which our hands are otherwise engaged. For example, if you’re at the gym or outdoors, placing your phone in your pocket is sometimes just not practical or convenient. Whether we are trying to watch a TV show while on the treadmill or maybe just wearing tight-fitting fitness clothes that simply don’t have pockets, these are situations in which a cellphone stand is utterly indispensable, and choosing the right one for your needs will definitely prove useful in the long-run, literally! You don’t want your phone to fall out in the middle of a marathon, do you?

With that in mind, let’s run through a few situations, and see which type of phone stands will work best for you.

For running, cardio, or weight training:

For these situations, chances are you’ll likely be too sweaty, exhausted, and preoccupied to actually watch anything worth following on your device (not to mention that could prove dangerous). Therefore, you’re really looking for three factors when deciding what phone stand is right for you: 1) safety 2) comfort 3) durability.

phone stand for cardio

And for these three reasons, we recommend a belt strap or armband cellphone holder.

Yes, we know, it isn’t technically a cellphone stand, but it does serve a similar function, and at the end of the day, it is still the most effective means of securing your mobile device so that it won’t fall out of your pocket and get smashed by a weight and/or trampled underfoot if you’re out-and-about.

Likewise, armbands come in a variety of durable plastic materials and options that are not only lightweight but also breathable. After all, taking a heavy metal cellphone stand while jogging will not only weigh you down but is also impractical and uncomfortable.

So when looking to hit the gym or the track, make sure you secure your cellphone with an armband or belt strap so it doesn’t hit the pavement.

For biking, treadmill, or casual aerobics like yoga:

Let’s say you’re at the gym, and you finish each workout with a nice stroll and/or jog on the treadmill. But the TV is playing something you don’t like, or you would much prefer to just use your own cellphone. In this situation, it is nice to have a cellphone stand that allows you greater mobility, reach, and the ability to actually see your device, hopefully, something that can clip anywhere and rotate. Likewise, maybe you’re an avid bike rider and need to check your maps frequently when you’re trying out a new trail. Rather than stopping to check your pocket (which is not only dangerous, but also detrimental for keeping your heart rate up), you prefer something that can clip on the handlebar and remain stable in even the most bumpy of situations.

For these circumstances, having a durable, clip-on cellphone stand is your best option, and there is no better option in this field than the Bike Phone Mount Holder offered by Omoton.

The  Bike Phone Mount Holder by OMOTON comes with 4 adjustable, stainless steel Unique Eagle Claw Design clamps that will safely secure to a wide variety of handlebars, treadmills, strollers, electric scooters, and more in less than a minute, safeguarding against any bumpy roads or slippage that may occur while riding on them. Likewise, its 360-degree rotating knob can be adjusted to any angle with just one hand, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust your screen while in the middle of even the most intense workouts. So whether you’re on a mountain bike, a motorcycle, a treadmill, or even just cruising along on a shopping cart at your local grocery store, this is the right cell phone stand for you.

bike phone stand

But what about mobile phone stands for vehicles?

True, not all “on-the-go” experiences require exercise, for example, driving a car. And while it’s also true that many vehicles nowadays do offer some sort of placeholder for your cellphone, they are often designed as afterthoughts, mere secondary applications to the central console/navigation center. That, and they most likely won’t charge your phone for you. So why not get yourself a cellphone stand that does both?

Although it may seem silly, one of the most popular spots to place our cellphones in the car is the cupholder. And although we would not necessarily recommend this option for a number of reasons, there are a variety of cup holder mobile phone stands for vehicles out there you can browse.

But besides the cup holder, the most popular spot to place our cellphones in the car is on the air vent, which is usually conveniently located right above a charging port and to the right of our line of sight. From there, it is just a quick click of the finger to adjust music, change a podcast, enter a new address when we’re driving, or plug in your phone. There is no need to fumble about with pockets or cupholders.

And although there are a wide variety of cellphone stands that cater to this need, the Air Vent Car Phone Holder offered by OMOTON is one of the few that is fully integrated to enhance the user experience on every level, including placement and charging.

If you have a phone that is capable of wireless charging, the Omoton cell phone holder is the right choice for you. It is one of the few air vent holders that not only guarantees 20%-30% charging efficiency when used correctly, but it also has an electronic clamping function that will automatically start when you turn on your car, and will automatically clamp when your phone is placed within its snug grasp. No need to adjust or struggle with clamps. Likewise, it will also shut off if it detects a surge in electricity, which safeguards your phone against short circuits or overheating.

car phone stand

Mobile Phone Stands for Staying In

Okay, we’ve covered what you need when you’re on-the-go; but honestly, we’re not afraid to admit that most of the time, we’re not in motion. At least, not in very fast motion. From lounging on the couch to desk jobs, we spend a lot of time sitting or laying down, and although you may not realize it, having a cell phone stand for these types of situations is actually extremely useful, both for the comfort of our necks and easing of our minds. Seriously!

Not only is a cell phone stand often good for our “Text Neck” when sitting at a desk, but it can also help us misplace our phone less often. If you have a designated spot to place your phone every day, it becomes routine to place it there.

Best Type of Mobile Phone Stand for Work or Office:

At this point, it seems like our smartphones can do about everything except stand up on their own. For this reason, they have become nearly indispensable for work, especially if you work from home and often need to make phone calls, track text messages, scroll social media, and more. Therefore, it makes sense to get a stand that, at bare-minimum, is solid, sturdy, and faces upward toward our face so we don’t miss out on the latest text message or video chat. It also helps you avoid craning your neck downward, which can lead to neck pain and headaches.

And although these criteria may seem easy enough to satisfy, you’d be surprised by the number of bad designs out there. Therefore, when looking for a simple phone stand, make sure you get one that provides an adjustable angling system for your neck as well as an anti-slip base so it doesn’t fall over when texting on it. Also, it’s definitely a bonus if you can find one that offers a way to conveniently charge while using.

As for material, don’t be shy to get something heavy that looks nice. After all, this cellphone holder is meant to be sturdy and stay in place, so something wooden or metal is definitely a plus.

The basic but thoughtfully designed OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand  fulfills all these criteria. Composed of scratch-proof aluminum alloy, it includes both a non-slip silicone pad and weighted base for enhanced stability as well as a charging hole for convenience, meaning you can keep it in the stand for as long as you're at your desk. Recently rated “The Best Phone Stand of 2022” by TechGearLab, they remarked:

The OMOTON Adjustable is our favorite model. We love this stand's aesthetics and user-friendly design. Despite its small footprint, it is big enough to stand out on a cluttered desk. Unlike many other options we tested, this one can also undoubtedly hold a tablet of any size without risking toppling over and creating more of a mess.”

adjustable phone stand

Mobile Phone Stands for Sleeping and Lounging About

In the era of streaming, we can access our favorite shows from the convenience of our handheld device, and in the comfort of our bed, couch, or even bathroom. For these occasions, it can help to get a cellphone stand that clips to the back of our phone so it doesn’t slip and fall in the bathtub (or on your face!). There are plenty of options out there, from quirky rings to sleek easels, but we always recommend getting one that comes with and/or at the very least is compatible with your cellphone case, that way it doesn’t slip or come loose when using it. So do check and read reviews before purchasing.

Likewise, if you are someone who enjoys live streaming, watching shows while cooking, or simply lounging with both hands behind your head, then look for a cell phone stand like the OMOTON Gooseneck Phone Holder that can clip onto edges, be it your bedside or kitchen counter. The fun design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical: It offers 360-degree rotation, and will not drop your phone.

Finally, most of us use our cellphones as alarm clocks, which means that we normally sleep with them next to or on our bed. If you have a nightstand, consider getting a cellphone stand to go with it. This makes checking the time, charging your phone, or listening to a podcast before bed just a little more convenient and a part of your nightly routine, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing.

gooseneck phone stand

Mobile Phone Stand for Taking Pictures

If you use your phone for live streaming or casual photography, then a Mobile Phone Stand is a must. And although there are a lot of options out there, you can always narrow down the options based on your needs.

For starters, always look for one that will specifically fit your phone, and definitely opt for Bluetooth capability.

Additionally, it’s always best to find a selfie stick that also doubles as a stand alone tripod so you can more conveniently take time-lapse videos as well as use both hands freely when communicating.

And finally, unless you plan on live streaming every moment, it’s definitely a good idea to get one that is foldable and/or easy to stow away and transport. If it can fit in a carry-on case, all the better. 

easy for travel

What OMOTON Offers

Throughout this article, we have given you plenty of criteria to choose the best mobile phone stand based on your needs, as well as recommended a few products, including the OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, OMOTON Air Vent Car Phone Holder, and OMOTON Gooseneck Phone Holder. We believe all these products are not only affordable but also reliable and well-designed.

But don’t just take our word for it.

In particular, our standard cell phone stand won Popular Mechanics’ award for “Best Overall Cell Phone Stand” in 2021 as well as “The Best Phone Stand of 2022” by TechGear Lab, and boasts a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with over 48,000 global reviews. So we must know a thing or two about phone stands, and what to look out for looking for a quality one.

That being said, while it is definitely better (and safer) to buy a quality mobile phone stand, knowing how to create one on the fly is still a fun, useful skill, and one that is quite trendy nowadays. So if you are curious, you can create one at home with nothing more than empty toilet paper rolls, paperclips, or old credit cards. And when all else fails and you find yourself outside without a tripod, try putting it in your shoe- seriously! The shoe will stabilize your phone and give you a nice upward angle that is hard to achieve even when taking a picture by hand.

And even though browsing Youtube and TikTok will garner plenty of purportedly great Mobile phone stand hacks for these purposes, we at OMOTON can attest that the best, and easiest, life hack will always be to trust the experts, and buy one online with the simple click of your finger.


omoton adjustable cell phone stand
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