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13 Jul, 2022

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If you think the Baby Boomers got it bad with their arthritis and goiters, just wait until Millenials and Gen Z get old and have to suffer the excruciating neck pain and stiffness caused by years of constantly looking down at their laptops. QUOTE 

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in - work, entertainment, and study all require prolonged screen time, usually on a laptop. We’re essentially forced to eternally keep our necks strained downward and forward in that oh so sexy “nerd neck” position; however, there’s a solution to this ever-present “first world” problem: laptop stands and holders.     

Nowadays, we are extremely spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories for our electronic devices; it can be a very time consuming and troublesome process just to find a laptop stand that suits you and your device. To help make this process easier and reduce your chance of becoming Quasimodo by the time you retire, we made this laptop stand shopping guide. Read on to find out what benefits a laptop stand can offer you and what are some of the best laptop stands of 2022. 

Do I Need a Laptop Stand

For most people, laptop stands are a great asset as they not only help to improve posture, but they also provide a more ergonomic work environment and ensure the longevity of your laptop by helping to keep it cool.  But is a laptop stand worth it for you specifically? To help you figure this out, here is a list of factors to consider for whether or not you need a laptop stand:

  1. You often use your laptop in bed.
  2. You have bad posture.
  3. You like to work on your laptop at cafes or restaurants.
  4. Your laptop tends to run hot.
  5. Your neck gets sore when you use your laptop for long periods of time.
  6. You use your laptop for gaming.
  7. You often use your laptop alongside other devices simultaneously.

If you said yes to anything on this list, then a laptop stand is definitely worth it for you. Read on to learn exactly how laptop stands can help out with the items listed above and what to look out for when shopping for a laptop stand. 

Why Laptop Stand Is Important

Generally speaking, laptop stands make using your laptop more comfortable and convenient because they allow you to adjust the height of your screen to your eye level. This will prevent you from straining your neck or slouching for long periods of time while using your laptop, ultimately helping with your posture. 

Laptop stands will also increase the lifespan of your laptop by raising it off of blankets, table clothes, or flat surfaces that restrict airflow and heat dissipation. According to Lifewire, not allowing your laptop to “breathe” is one of the main causes of hardware malfunction over time, especially if your laptop has bad ventilation to begin with, or if you use your laptop for hardware demanding tasks like video editing or gaming. Laptop stands help with heat dissipation because they allow air to flow from underneath the laptop, where the vents and fans are, and also sometimes come with fans of their own to further help with cooling down your laptop.

Lastly, laptop stands provide a more ergonomic work environment as they help to free up space on your desk and can be adjusted to suit the height at which you sit or stand while working. There are also rotating laptop stands that make it much easier to share your screen with others. Additionally, laptop stands with mobile holders and other accessories are widely available so you can easily switch between devices as you work.

Whether you use your laptop for work, gaming, or just browsing the internet, the most universal benefit laptop stands to offer is reduction of straining and discomfort in the neck and upper back, as well as the degradation of posture over time. This is something that all laptop users can gain so long as you consistently use a laptop stand at the ideal height, only then can laptop stand improve posture. So, what is the ideal height for a laptop stand and how can a laptop stand improve posture? 

ideal height for laptop stand

Ideal Height for Laptop Stand

The ideal height for a laptop stand is such that your eye level is about 2 inches (5 cm) below the top of your laptop screen. This height will ensure that your neck and upper back will not strain forward and downward, causing forward head posture, or nerd neck, over time. Furthermore, this height will make using your laptop more comfortable which could facilitate productivity and should increase your ability to use your laptop for longer periods of time as well. 

I mentioned forward head posture, often abbreviated as FHP and colloquially referred to as nerd neck.  If you don’t know what FHP or nerd neck is, it’s a common symptom of bad posture wherein the head is positioned such that the ears are in front of the body’s vertical midline. Correct posture has the head position configured so that the ears are in line with the body’s midline. Nerd neck causes neck pain and stiffness and can also affect balance. Nerd neck also causes one to lack a look of confidence and generally just doesn’t look good.  

Another health issue that can arise from extended periods of time hunched over a laptop is kyphosis, also known as rounded shoulders. Rounded shoulders often result in unnatural pressure applied to the spine which causes pain and discomfort. If no attempt is made to correct rounded shoulders, it could ultimately lead to having a visible hump on your upper back which is actually the result of your muscles adapting to this unnatural curve in your spine. This condition is caused by a number of things including aging or general muscle weakness in the back, but physical therapists are attributing a lot of cases of rounded shoulders in young people to overuse of electronic devices at improper height in relation to the head and eyes.  

Both FHP and Kyphosis are uncomfortable and simply don’t look good and, unfortunately, they are quite difficult to reverse. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged by spinal experts to keep your phone, tablet, or laptop consistently at eye level in order to reduce that forward and downward head position that puts so much strain on our spines. This is without a doubt one of the principal reasons why everyone should use a stand or holder for their laptop or any electronic device when using them for long periods of time. In order to get the best versatility and comfort while using your laptop, it is strongly recommended that you use a laptop stand with an adjustable height to ensure that you maintain the healthiest position for your posture, no matter where you are or whether you are sitting, standing, or reclining.   

That being said, it is still difficult to narrow down the right laptop stand – there is such a wide variety available but you obviously don’t want to spend forever shopping around and figuring out which is the best laptop stand for you. To save you some time and help you figure out what kind of laptop stand you should get, we’ve made a guide to the different kinds of laptop stands and what the best laptop stand models are for each variety.   

Kinds of Laptop Stands 

Laptop stand for bed

The best kind of laptop stand for bed is usually referred to as a laptop desk or laptop table. It’s essentially a small adjustable tray that can sit on your lap or directly on your bed. You can use this laptop stand while lying in bed comfortably on your side, back or tummy and not have to worry about airflow being compromised by your bed covers.  Just like a desk or table, it has legs which can be adjusted or folded away to suit the position in which you want to use your laptop. Many models also come with built-in fans to help keep your computer cool as well. This is my favourite kind of laptop stand and I’ve been using one for years. It’s ideal for me because it basically allows me to work from my couch or bed while keeping my laptop at eye level and without overheating my laptop.  

Best laptop stand for bed 2022

          WorkEZ Adjustable Laptop Desk
    • Highly adjustable
    • Lightweight and durable
    • 2 cooling fans
    • Compatible with any laptop

    Laptop stand for Desk

    Laptop stands for desk offer functionality as well as style. A good laptop stand for desk should be adjustable so that your laptop can meet your eye level or serve as a secondary monitor and it should also be portable so you can comfortably work at home, the office, or a café. This is also a popular type of laptop stand with mobile holder and charger as they are designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. It’s also quite easy to find a laptop stand for desk that adds to the aesthetic of your workspace or at least looks good with the kind of laptop or laptop case you use.  

    Best laptop stand for desk 2022

            OMOTON Ergonomic Laptop Holder
      • 360 degree rotation
      • Adjustable height to improve posture
      • Light and portable
      • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design; made with premium quality aluminum
      ergonomic laptop stand

      Gaming laptop stand

      Gaming laptop stands, or cooling pads, are optimized for heat dissipation so you can game for longer periods of time without worrying as much about your laptop overheating. In order to ensure efficient heat dissipation, the surface of the stand is designed with geometric holes that allow efficient airflow, multiple fans of various sizes, and are made of material that helps to dissipate heat. Furthermore, gaming laptop stands often come with multiple USB ports and RGB lights.

      Best gaming laptop stand 2022

              KeiBn RGB Lights Laptop Cooler
        • 6 silent cooling fans
        • Optimal design for heat dissipation
        • Controllable RGB lights and fan speed modes
        • Strong and durable; able to support even the beefiest gaming laptops

        Whether you want a laptop stand to help improve your posture, optimize your work environment, or maintain the lifespan of your device, we hope you found some useful information to do that here. Just remember that the main things to look out for when choosing a laptop stand – no matter what you spend most of the time using it for - are adjustable height and good bottom airflow. That way you can make sure your screen remains at a healthy eye level and that your laptop’s fans can provide adequate heat dissipation to the internal hardware. 

        Furthermore, we recommend that you don’t limit yourself to only one laptop stand. I personally use a laptop for desk when I’m working or browsing the internet on the couch or in bed and have another light and portable one which I keep in my office and often take outside if I’m feeling like a café work session.   

        Regardless, we hope this guide gives you some ideas as to what kind of laptop stand you should buy.  If you’re looking for a good place to start shopping, check out our high quality adjustable laptop stands for desk.   

        portable laptop stand

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