6 must-have accessories for tablets (especially iPads)

18 May, 2021

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
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With the increase in tablet ownership, more and more people are using tablets on a daily basis. These tablets take on all sorts of roles, whether they are used in the home, the office, or on the road. They are used for work and play, and they have taken the place of laptops for many people. As a matter of fact, tablets sales have surpassed laptops for the first time. However, they still have limited functionality and what they really need are accessories to boost the capabilities of these devices.

Our blog today is going to look at some of the accessories that will make your tablets even more useful and will improve your user experience. Here are the 6 MUST-HAVE accessories that you should consider buying for your tablets (especially for your iPads).

1. OMOTON Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

omoton bluetooth and mouse comb

It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest complaints users have about tablets is, well, using them. There’s something special about the tactile quality of a keyboard—and, more importantly, the position of the keyboard makes all the difference in your productivity. Having to type on the screen is an awkward inconvenience that impedes success.

But, like all the best tablet gadgets, the OMOTON Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are the perfect solution. Because, to truly optimize your experience with your tablet, the best android and Apple tablet accessories of 2020 and beyond will repurpose your device as something essential to your success.

Cable-free and compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled tablets, this ergonomically designed accessory will reinvent your relationship with it. With hotkeys engineered specifically for iPads, this excellent tablet keyboard and mouse set are sure to streamline your success in ways you never thought possible.

Still, whether you’re looking for the best Samsung tablet or iPad accessories, this combo is more than sufficient. With long battery life and perfect compact size, this is the kind of tool that will turn every space into a workspace. Whether it’s a train, a plane, or even a restaurant, this set works wonders.

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2. Anker Portable Charger

Another common gripe about tablets is that, well, they are limited. However, accepting limitations should be regarded as a cardinal sin. At OMOTON, we staunchly believe that even cheap tablet accessories shatter limitations. Because, with this Anker portable charger, limitations are a thing of the past.

Nothing kills momentum quicker than a dead battery. A black screen is like a flat line for your success. And, in the past, when your battery died, you would have to wait until you were near an outlet. Or, in the stone age, you would have to wait until you could buy new batteries altogether. But times have changed. And, ultimately, waiting means falling behind.

Sleek and stylish, this power bank has a whopping battery capacity of 19,200 mAh. With an array of ports, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. This accessory can charge 40% of your MacBook battery in just 30 minutes. Imagine what it’ll do for your tablet.

Easily portable, supremely safe, and secure, this is simply a must-have for every tablet. When you’re on the ball, things like charging devices slip your mind. They understandably take a lower priority when you’re taking care of business. But, lucky for you, this power bank will work like a redundancy measure to protect against these kinds of hiccups.

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3. Logitech Crayon

For those who like to get creative—or for those who, like, don’t want to foul their fingers by constantly touching a screen—or maybe just for those who appreciate convenience —this Logitech Crayon is among the best Samsung tablet accessories and iPad accessories available. With palm rejection technology, using your tablet has never felt so natural.

And, ultimately, shouldn’t these things feel like extensions of ourselves?

It doesn’t matter what kind of tablet you have. It doesn’t matter if you want to write or draw. It’s unimpeachable truth: this enhances the experience. You’ll never miss a single detail again. And, as you know by now, it’s the details that ultimately elevate you to that rarified air of prosperity.

With smart tip adjustments, this pen can accommodate your every need—no matter the thickness or color, it’s never easier to reconfigure. And, even better, it instantly connects to your iPad. This saves you invaluable time pairing devices. And, while it may seem immaterial, each minute saved is a minute you can use.

With seven hours of battery life, this durable accessory is the finishing touch you need to access your inner artist or inner entrepreneur. Versatile and precise, this is what progress is supposed to look and feel like. And we’re here for it.

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4. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

Now, when you’re using a tablet, nothing gets in the way more than, well, things that get in the way. And there’s nothing more obstructing for a screen than smudges—nothing more distracting than marks and dirt and dust.

That’s why this WHOOSH! screen cleaner kit is among the most essential and best Samsung tablet or iPad accessories.

More than practical, this is a matter of hygiene. According to State Food Safety, the average tablet screen contains a staggering 25,127 bacteria per square inch. The filth and smudges alone are enough to deter even the most easy-going users. However, this kit will change all that.

The surest way to keep your display pristine, this nontoxic cleaner is Apple-approved. Designed specifically to clean smartphone and tablet screens, this might be just what you need. Renewing your relationship with your tablet requires renewing the device itself.

Altogether, this kit comes with a portable cleaner bottle, a bigger cleaner bottle, and three washable microfiber cloths. Using this will be like taking someone who’s lived their whole life barefoot to get a pedicure. Things will never be the same. And that’s not a bad thing.

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5. OMOTON screen protector

If you’re afraid of really exploiting your device because it’s fragile, we get it. You invested a nice chunk of change in your tablet and aren’t willing to risk breaking it. However, there are solutions out there to secure your device while securing your success. Because, oftentimes, opportunities present themselves at inopportune moments.

And, in these moments, a cracked screen is no excuse. Period.

Laser-cut to provide maximum protection for your tablet, these screen protectors are only compatible with an iPad. However, this is a rare intersection of protection and sensitivity. Apple pencil compatible and with a high-transparency HD display, it’ll feel like nothing’s there at all.

Even better, your screen is guaranteed to retain its original response sensitivity.

Easy to install with a bubble-free adhesive, this tempered glass scratch-resistant accessory has 9H hardness and can absorb incredible impact. Not taking advantage of the device at your disposal because it’s fragile isn’t a reason. It’s an excuse. And, at OMOTON, we don’t believe in making excuses. We believe in making progress.

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6. OMOTON adjustable tablet stand

One of the best Samsung tablet or iPad accessories is also one of the most timeless. Because the support a tablet stand affords you will simply never go out of style. And, more importantly, OMOTON’s adjustable aluminum tablet stand is so much more. Never before has a stand worked with you quite the same.

With universal compatibility, this stand is made out of solid and durable materials, guaranteeing stability and longevity. Even more importantly, this adjustable stand can hold your tablet vertically or horizontally, and it can achieve any viewing angle you need. Using your tablet has never been so effortless.

With anti-pads and a charging port, not only will your device be more secure than ever, but you can easily charge your device without worrying about managing a rat king of cords. And, for good measure, the dock has silicon pads to safeguard against scratches and sliding. Because that’s what you and your device deserve.

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Now that you know the best tablet accessories of 2020 and beyond…

…start equipping yourself for success. Not taking advantage of the tools at your disposal is like being a bird and refusing to fly. It doesn’t make sense. However, we also understand that it’s not easy to determine what to get. Everyone has unique needs.

Will you be drawing on your tablet? Will you be using it outside of your house often? How clean does it get and how clean do you like it? Do you need a screen protector or a whole case? And how much will you be typing on your tablet? These questions and more are essential to answer.

Regardless, we’re convinced we’ve supplied you with a comprehensive list of the best accessories that will work in conjunction to catapult you to the stars and further. Whatever you want to use your tablet for but aren’t, just know that we’re judging you.

And every time you look into the beady eye of its front-facing camera, just know your device is judging you too. So pull the trigger already. Neglecting your tablet is only hurting you.
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