We have sold over


smartphone screen protectors in 2016!

France is a fast-growing market for OMOTON with over 100,000 prodcuts ordered in 2016. The unique design and beautiful pattern of our smartphone cases have been the allure of the romantic country.

Apart from USA, Germany is one of the biggest marketplaces for OMOTON. Our excellent quality and services have earned the recognition of our German customers.

The Italian market is aligned with our long-term growing plan. Screen protectors for many smart devices are the star there. Our Italian sales team have been striving to provide their customers with 5-star shopping experience.


BLU R1 HD Case

iPhone Screen Protector

Silver Cellphone Stand


I recommend this product. I’ve already purchased it a second time. I dropped my phone face down on the concrete. I’ve had iPhones before and just knew my screen was going to be cracked! Wrong wrong! My screen was a ok!
Charlie Hay

The Essential Aroma Diffuser

Latest designed with sensitive touch Panel instead of physical entitative buttons, providing a good touch feeling and easier operation. There are three separate buttons for LED light control / timer settings / mist adjustment