O-Mag Series

Innovative Dual-Lock Mounting System

Take your phone anywhere with the innovative O-Mag phone mount series, featuring the world's first dual-lock mounting system. A ring of powerful N52 magnets is paired with an advanced vacuum suction cup so your device stays securely in place, no matter what. O-Mag's one-handed operation makes it easy to use in any situation, with full compatibility for any phone model or type. Smart, simple, secure.

Keep your phone safe, always.


Stable and highly compatible.

With a first-of-its-kind system, O-Mag combines the superior force of a vacuum suction cup with the precise power of a magnetic mount. Together, this provides 3.6 times more suction than other mounts on the market. O-Mag mounts can be attached directly to iPhones 12 and above or to MagSafe cases. All other phone models and types become compatible simply by attaching a magnetic ring to the phone (ring included).


Easy on, easy off!

Mount your phone instantly thanks to O-Mag's snap-on design, while a simple press of a button releases it. All this can be done with one hand for maximum convenience, whether you're on the road, at home, or out and about.

O-Mag Series - VM01


Say goodbye to wobbly phone mounts!

DriveSafe's quadruple locking mechanism, including a metal hook, silicone pad, rotatable support ring, and adjustment knob, works together for a vice-like grip on the air vent. No more worrying about your phone falling off during a bumpy ride.


Zero impact with wide compatibility.

Unlike most phone mounts that use a silicone clip, DriveSafe adopts a specially designed metal hook, making it compatible with most horizontal and vertical air vents. The mount also allows the air vents to operate as normal with unhindered ventilation.