Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11/iPhone XR

OMOTON iPhone 11/iPhone XR Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector



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  • Perfect Fit: The tempered glass screen protector is designed for Phone 11 and Phone XR (6.1 inch).

  • Full Screen: The tempered glass screen protector is a full screen protective glass, which covers the entire front.

  • Rounded 3D Edges: Thanks to its rounded corners, the 11 Pro glass better covers the curves of the display. So the protective protector offers you a higher user experience.

  • 9H Hardness: With 9H hardness of the glass protector, your phone screen will be well protected against scratches.

  • Ultra HD Transparency: With 99% clear transparency for a high-definition display and provides it without touch limitations.


  • Full 3D Coverage:

    Thanks to its rounded corners, the protective film fits the Phone 11 and XR better. This makes it look closer to the original iPhone display

  • Tired of a screen protector that is too small?

    This full screen glass screen protector is just right for you,because the film can cover the entire screen and runs almost to the edge.

  • template is included

    With the positioning aid, it is very easy to install and save you time

  • 9H hardness rating for maximum protection

    9H tempered glass which is 3 times stronger than regular tempered glass! The tempered glass can effectively protect your Phone 11 and Phone XR from scratches and impacts from knives, keys and other hard materials. At the same time, fingerprints can be easily wiped off

  • High transparency

    High transparency ensures an uncompromising visual effect With 98.86% light transmission, you can continue to enjoy your Super AMOLED display to the maximum. You will not even notice the presence of the iPhone protective film.

  • sensitive touch

    The tempered glass film allows responsive and sensitive touches, so that smooth and fast work with your device is still possible.

  • Waterproof and oilproof

    96% HD screen clear, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevent the water, oil from scattering, and the water and oil can be easily wiped away.

  • Easy assembly: protective glass for Phone XR and Phone 11

  • Easy to apply (no air bubbles) and removable without leaving any residue. Watch our video instructions for the perfect assembly or follow the instructions on the enclosed illustrated instructions.