OMOTON MacOS Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard



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  • Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard: With Mac DE layout, this Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for Mac OS devices. The Bluetooth wireless keyboard supports up to three devices simultaneously (switch by pressing Fn + BT 1/2/3), making it quick and easy to switch between different devices

  • Comfortable full-size keyboard: This full-size bluetooth keyboard is a good choice for office and home use, offering a fantastic typing experience. Full-size keyboard with scissor design can meet your keyboard needs, bring you fast response and good control

  • Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard: Comes with keyboard charging cable, no plug. With the built-in lithium battery, the wireless bluetooth keyboard can be easily charged with the micro USB charging cable (included

  • Ergonomic Design: The full-size keyboard with numeric keypad, including 12 Mac OS multimedia shortcut keys, looks elegant and big enough. The keyboard with the relaxing ergonomic tilt and non-slip rubber pad can reduce typing fatigue and bring you the typing experience

  • Specially designed for MacOS: It is designed for MacOS system, the typing experience of Macbook's representative and a very personal alternative becomes possible. Very suitable for office and home office


  • The bluetooth keyboard is only for MAC OS system (including Macbook/Mac Mini/iMac/Mac Pro/Air).

  • power light:

    LED1: Power indicator: When the power switch is turned on, the power indicator lights up blue for 3 seconds.

    LED1/LED2/LED3: 1)Bluetooth indicator: Blue light is for connection mode and channel change. 2) Caps Lock indicator: The Caps Lock indicator glows blue when Caps Lock is on.

    LED4: 1)Low battery indicator: Red light flashes when the battery is dead.

    2)Charging indicator: Red light is on when the keyboard is charging and turns off when the keyboard is fully charged.

  • Bluetooth connection for quick switching between 3 devices

  • How do you connect the bluetooth keyboard?

    Turn on the keyboard.

    Press "Fn + BT" for 1 second to switch channel, and press "Fn + BT" for 3 seconds until the LED starts flashing blue to enter connection mode.

    Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and search for the device "OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard"

    The blue indicator turns off after successful connection.

  • This product has three independent Bluetooth channels. Press and hold BT2 or BT3 to enter pairing mode and repeat the above steps to pair the keyboard with another device.