OMOTON Brand Story

In a world that changes in the blink of an eye, adaptation is invaluable. And adaptation in a world virtually unrecognizable with each passing moment was the genesis of OMOTON.

In a world that changes in the blink of an eye, adaptation is invaluable. And adaptation in a world virtually unrecognizable with each passing moment was the genesis of OMOTON.

OMOTON founder, Daniel Chan, is just like you. He uses his devices and smartphone on an endless continuum. For work. For pleasure. For life. He knows how much these things mean and what they can do. He understands that, in the modern world, convenience is a power.

It wasn’t until his phone fell and broke that he realized the value of these devices and our connectivity to them. He felt cheated by the ineffectual case he overpaid for. We interface with these screens more than people most days—they should be sheltered and protected like our dearest friends and family. Because, in many ways, that’s exactly what they are.

It started with screen protectors. Daniel searched and searched but couldn’t find reasonably priced screen protectors. And, what’s more, even overpriced screen protectors compromised his phone. He didn’t get it: what’s the point if neither affordability nor quality is possible? Daniel’s just like you—he works hard for his money and hates seeing it squandered. He’d learned hefty price tags don’t equate to quality. And, most importantly, he’d learned the sting of overpaying for a faulty product.

He wasn’t making the same mistake again. So he adapted to help you adapt. Daniel created his own screen protector of the utmost, personally verified quality. His goal is to treat your phone and devices like his own. He believes that the quality he deserves is the quality you deserve. And, ultimately, Daniel is his own toughest customer.

After the successful launch of OMOTON screen protectors, Daniel introduced smartphone and tablet stands, and afterwards, wireless keyboard and mouse sets, to the OMOTON family.

The wires attached to his archaic keyboard and mouse cluttered his workspace. The disorganized entanglement hampered efficiency. This was for him, as it should be for you, unacceptable. It’s relying on a horse and buggy in a world full of Teslas.

Similar to the screen protectors and stands, the keyboards and mice were built on a simple foundation: Stable. Elegant. Durable. This simple foundation is, simply put, the quality you deserve. They look as good as they work. These product series have sold hundreds of thousands of units to US and European markets, satisfying customers and wallets in a way both unprecedented and unparalleled.

So Daniel did what he always did—he did what he strives to help you do—he adapted to help you adapt. To provide quality you deserve. He created sleek, wireless keyboard and mouse sets. To declutter and organize his workspace—so he wasn’t shackled to a single spot in a single position. Because that’s Daniel Chan’s secret: he only delivers quality he’d personally accept, and at a fraction of conventional prices. He understands that the quality he deserves is the quality you deserve.

Because, at OMOTON, we believe quality isn’t a privilege; it’s a right.

Daniel Chan won’t stop with phone screen protectors or phone and tablet stands. He won’t stop with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse sets. He won’t stop because the world won’t stop. Daniel wants to help everyone adapt. Daniel wants to deliver a quality worthy of his customers. We, at OMOTON, understand our job’s never done.

That’s precisely what OMOTON is: expedited evolution in an expedited world. Or, simply put, it's the quality you deserve.