Schutzfolie für iPhone 12 mit Schablone-Installationshilfe + iPhone 12 Kamera Panzerglasfolie



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  • Compatibility: This protector and camera lens protector are specially designed for iPhone 12, not suitable for other phones.

  • Full Lens Protection: Perfect protection for your iPhone 12 camera lens, the lens protector does not interfere with the camera and perfectly covers the entire camera lens area without covering any lenses. Compatible with most cases.

  • Easy Installation: The high quality Japanese epoxy adhesive helps the screen protector and camera lens automatically stick to your phone without leaving bubbles and residue when removing.

  • Scratch Resistant: Made of tempered glass with 9H hardness rating, this screen protector and camera lens protector can effectively protect your smartphone from accidental scrapes and scratches caused by knives, keys and other hard objects.

  • High Transparency: 99.99% transparency of the camera protector preserves the original high resolution for images and videos. Only 0.3mm thick, the screen protector maintains the original responsiveness and ensures fast app launch, smooth video and game play.