Air Vent Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger for iPhone/Samsung

OMOTON Air Vent Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger



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  • 【Quality and Safety】This product has obtained QI certificate and works with all QI devices. It features a variety of protective functions, such as over-voltage protection, overheat protection, magnetic field protection, short-circuit protection, foreign body detection, etc. When your QI device malfunctions, this car wireless charger will automatically stop working to protect you and your device.

  • 【Movable Coil】When your cell phone is put on, the car wireless charging coil will move up and down to scan the cell phone coil, and beep several times. When the wireless charging coil is accurately aligned with the mobile phone coil, it will make a long beep and then start charging. The charging efficiency is increased by 20%-30%.

  • 【Automatic Clamping】After power on, the car wireless charging coil will automatically scan up and down. The clamp arms will automatically open in 3-5 seconds, and automatically close when the phone is placed on it.

  • 【100mAh Battery】This product is equipped with a large-capacity battery (100mAh). When the product is powered off, you can touch the switch button on the back of the product to control the opening and closing of the clamp arms. The clamp arms can be opened and closed for more than 130 times. It can be used as a cell phone holder for a long time.

  • 【The Latest Chip】 This product characterizes the latest chip, and its new 15W fast charge will further improve the charging speed; It features dual-motor, and the clamp arms open and close without noise; The brand-new metal clamp arm has a great texture.