OMOTON Indoor Amplified Digital TV Antenna


  • Long Range of 50 Miles: The receiving range of this antenna can reach up to 50 miles (80km) away from the signal tower, and the Frequency Coverage of this antenna is: VHF :170-240MHz / UHF: 470-860MHz. Enjoy a clearer HD picture and more stable receiving signal with this antenna.
  • Multi Channels for Free: This antenna may receive all available local channels from the local broadcast networks plus additional networks. Also this antenna can receive local news, weather and educational programs.
  • Easy to Install: Step 1: Connect the coaxial cable to the “Antenna In” port on the TV or compatible device. Step 2: Find a area with good reception to place the digital TV antenna. Step 3: Run a channel scan for free channels. Mount the antenna on a window that faces the broadcast tower of stations that you want to receive.
  • Portable and Good Looking: A smaller and lighter design made this antenna more portable and matching the style of your house. The 16 Ft Coaxial Cable makes it possible to place this TV antenna on everywhere you want.
  • Thoughtful Accessories: Package includes spare 3M Double-sided adhesive, IEC Connector, Suction Cups, with those Accessories, you can install and use this antenna without any problem and OMOTON also provides you a friendly customer service, if you have any problem during using this antenna, please feel free to contact us.



OMOTON Indoor Amplified Digital TV Antenna

Using Tips of this Antenna:


  • 1. Connect the mini coaxial (coax) cable to the “antenna In” coax port on the TV or compatible device (e.g. Set-Top-Box).
  • 2. Plug the Regular USB into the USB port of the TV or of the 110V adapter. If plugging the USB into the 110V adapter, then plug the 110V adapter into a 110V outlet.
  • 3. Position the antenna toward the broadcast tower for optimal reception. For a listing of likely channels available in your area, go online to
  • 4. Run a channel scan. To keep your channel line-up up-to-date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly.
  • 5. The antenna may need to be repositioned. If so, run a channel scan every time you reposition the antenna.

Remark: If using a splitter to distribute signal to more than one TV, connect the USB cable to the 110V adapter instead of the TV USB port.

Mounting the Antenna
Digital signals may bounce off by objects, for this reason, test the antenna in multiple locations before mounting the antenna is need.
First of all, using the Suction Cups to stick the antenna to test the place. Once the best location has been determined, stick the antenna with the provided 3M Double-sided adhesive.

Package includes:

  • Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna X 1
  • Instruction Manual X 1
  • 3M Double-sided adhesive X1
  • IEC Connector X1
  • Suction Cups X2

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